5 smart ways to improve the user experience of your ecommerce

The eCommerce industry is growing exponentially and has altered the way consumers shop worldwide. Discover 5 smart ways to deliver great experiences.

eCommerce has drastically changed the way customers shop for products and services. The eCommerce industry is growing exponentially and has altered the way consumers shop worldwide.

Therefore, for eCommerce managers and marketers, it is essential to know how to attract customers to their eCommerce websites. The answer is simple: invest in user experience research. Happy customers can be your best brand’s advocate. But if customers are confused while shopping online, they’ll never return to your online store again.

An extraordinary user experience keeps customers on the website and increases the conversion rate. It is their point of contact with a product and business. Black Friday, for example, is one of the most important shopping events of the year. During such a massive event the user's attention span is at its minimum. Therefore, to keep users glued to the website, you must offer them a seamless experience.

Now the question is how to improve the user experience for an eCommerce website. Well, this article will share the ways to improve the UX on your eCommerce website.


User experience for eCommerce: why it is important

Great user experience is essential for an eCommerce business as it improves the online store's visibility, retains existing customers, invites new prospects, and ultimately increases sales. In any user-friendly website, users can easily find what they are looking for without much effort. As the success of eCommerce is based on customer satisfaction, great UX increases the likelihood of returning customers and reaching  success.

If the user  experience of an eCommerce  website is not taken care of, it can lead to frustration among users and increases the probability of abandoning the website altogether. You can face problems like:

Abandonment of the shopping cart

When a user abandons the shopping cart, they will probably not return to buy the product from the site. It is a huge loss to the business and is detrimental to the future growth of the company. 

Payment difficulties 

When users face difficulties in making payments, the website loses its credibility and the trust of the user. In turn, it results in lower conversion rates and customer loss.

Using the Wishlist difficulties 

While adding a product to the Wishlist, users must be able to request further information regarding the product. Some websites require the user to continue making the payment and then return to the Wishlist to complete their order. It causes friction and makes it less probable for the user to return to your store.


How to improve your eCommerce user experience 

Have a simple, easy-to-navigate site:

The first step in improving the UX is simplifying the website's navigation. Visitors should be able to find it easy to navigate the website and get around quickly without having to go searching to get what they want.

Simplify your checkout process:

Avoid adding unnecessary steps to the user's checkout process. Having an easy and quick process make users happy. Use progress indicators or completion percentage to help the users understand the status of their purchase  

Improve page load speed:

Check whether the eCommerce website is slow to load. Slow page loading frustrates users and makes them leave your site.

Make your site multi-device compatible:

Shoppers love using their mobile devices to make purchases, so make sure that the eCommerce site is optimized across different devices like mobiles, tablets, and laptops.

Rigorous testing before launch:

The most important step to improve the user’s experience is to perform thorough testing of the website or application. There are several advanced organizations that are experts in performing crowdtesting with the help of their solid community base of highly vetted humans. Such test results offer real-user feedback which ultimately helps to launch an error-free and user-friendly digital product.



The reasons for potential user churn are complex; however, a poor user experience is one of the biggest reasons for low conversion for an eCommerce store. Especially on Black Friday, the website must function smoothly and not frustrate your users at any time.


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