UNGUESS Challenge

Comparing 7 UK retailers’ mobile shopping experiences

Discover how, thanks to Competitive Usability Test, we've been able to distinguish the best and worst performers among 7 uk retailers User Experience

In this research, we evaluated the quality perceived by users of 7 of the most popular e-commerce sites in the UK.

We ask the users from our Crowd to test each website, performing a single task concerning the product's core functionality: searching and buying one or more clothes, staying under a well-defined budget.  

The users experienced the entire buying journey by performing the given task, from landing on the site to checking out

After testing each site, they fulfilled a post-test questionnaire based on usability metrics.


In our analysis, we first focused on the big picture, comparing the products based on usability metrics. Then, we deepened our understanding by analyzing the pieces of evidence collected from the tests' video recordings. 

In this research report, you will find out how the user interfaces aspects, such as site navigation and taxonomy, use of worn product images, out-of-stock management, and more influence the user experience and determine the success or failure of the analyzed products. 

Take as an example the guest check-out, a feature that is highly demanded and appreciated by users, whose absence is one of the biggest reasons for shopping cart abandonment.

To learn about these and all the other factors that influenced our users experience and find out how the 7 UK retailers fared, download the full research.

Uk Retail Challenge


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