An Ultimate Guide to Crowdtesting: What it is and How it Works

Thanks to the support of competent and qualified testers, it is possible to test a product before launching it on the market: this is how crowdtesting works.

In this highly competitive digital market, the frequency of new software launch has increased like anything. But the most challenging part is to launch any new product in a perfect form that can offer an exceptional user experience. 

To achieve the quality goal, Crowdtesting is one of the most practical approaches. This testing methodology employs a crowd representing a digital product's target audience to conduct testing. Organizations can capture and address several issues well before the launch with the correct and real feedback from the testers.

What is Crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting is a unique and innovative testing methodology that employs many people, called testers, who act as real product users. These vetted communities test the product from every aspect, like functionality, features, accessibility, user-friendliness, responsiveness, etc. 

Advanced organizations like UNGUESS use a community of heterogeneous testers to ensure satisfactory results based on company requests. The testers differ both in demographic data (age, gender, origin...) and in the type of device used. The goal is to obtain in-depth, unbiased and accurate results.

How to perform successful crowdtesting?

The Crowdtesting process broadly consists of five steps.

Planning phase:

This phase is the first step, where you need to decide the scope of work, the window of testing, the specification, and finally, the crowdtesting agency. You need to scrutinize every project aspect in the planning phase and carefully capture all the minute possibilities and risks.

Initiation stage:

Here you need to configure the different testing scenarios to be tested and create a template to capture all the results, queries, etc. This step involves providing the right access to the testers as needed.

Testing or execution phase:

Once every aspect is checked and ready, and the testers know the requirements and expectations, you can start the testing process formally.

Evaluation stage:

The next step is to collect and evaluate the testers' responses. The responses can be in many forms, like data, reports, improvement suggestions, and more. A good crowdtesting company can help you to get filtered and structured data or reports after their quality management which can offer great visibility and insights.

Re-testing stage:

After resolving the issues based on the responses, it is essential to re-test the product. It helps ensure that every feedback is captured and the product functions properly.

What are the benefits of Crowdtesting?

Due to its multiple benefits, Crowdtesting is now widely accepted.

  • Scalability and diversity: Due to its thousands of carefully screened human testers across the globe, crowdtesting offers huge scalability for product testing. Its demographic diversification provides real feedback, which helps to make the product more acceptable and versatile.
  • Quick and precise: As many crowdtesters perform the testing for the same product, this process offers quick and real feedback, saving time and money for the organization.
  • Access to a diverse pool of testers: Due to the wide accessibility to professional testers, it is easy to perform testing of different software and applications simultaneously.
  • Cost-effective: Crowdtesting through a renowned outsourced agency is always more cost-effective than performing the same with in-house testers.

How to choose a Crowdtesting service?

Crowdtesting by an external party is highly beneficial to in-house testing. Knowing how to choose the right service can save a lot of time and effort.

  • Checking the experience of the agency is essential as it reduces risk and governance.
  • It is important to know the skill level and technical expertise of the staff.
  • You need to check and review the scale of previous projects, which will give you enough confidence.
  • Another vital aspect is getting customer reviews. You can opt for a service that has significantly high positive reviews.


Crowdtesting is an effective process to evaluate the performance of a product before launching. But partnering with the right Crowdtesting agency is equally important to get desired results. With its highly vetted human community of testers, UNGUESS provides exceptional crowdtesting service-quickly, efficiently, and at scale.


To find out more about the Crowdtesting method download our guide with everything you might need to implement this method in your company:

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