Case Study

A User-Proof Virtual Hospital for Reale Mutua

Reale Mutua turned to UNGUESS to certify the quality of the UX of the platform from an external, objective, and qualified point of view

The UX/UI validation project on the platform has been concluded; a project born within Reale Lab 1828 and now one of the main assets of the path that Blue Assistance has undertaken to improve the Customer Satisfaction of personal support services.

(Note: The project was completed before the rebranding that evolved AppQuality into UNGUESS. In the interview below, all references to AppQuality have been updated to UNGUESS)

Reale Mutua turned to UNGUESS to certify the quality of the UX of the platform from an external, objective, and qualified point of view by intercepting all the points of attention of the User Journey and validating a User Experience evaluation tool applicable to other digital tools of the Group.

The test lasted 3 days, and after one week, the Reale Lab team has received the analysis of the UX experts.

 Thanks to the test, the Reale Group team was able to optimize:

- the registration process;

- the information structure;

- the procedure for booking a video consultation

In this interview, Stefano Cesone, Welfare Innovation Specialist of Reale Lab 1828, and Ygriko Solovey, Product Development Manager of Blue Assistance, tell us how it went.




Interview transcription:


Stefano Cesone

Hello everyone, I am Stefano Cesone, Innovation Specialist at Reale Lab 1828, the Reale Group's innovation laboratory.

Ygriko Solovey

Ygriko Solovey, Product Development Manager at Blue Assistance, Reale Mutua's service company.

The platform


Stefano Cesone

Today we're here to tell you about an initiative we've carried out in collaboration with UNGUESS.

Ygriko Solovey

With Reale Lab 1828, we have collaborated on the grounding and scale-up of a Digital Health platform called, a platform that aims to give real added value to people when they take care of their health.



Stefano Cesone

Our goal was to create a platform with a more user-centric approach. We did some internal UX tests, but we also realized that it could be important to have a contribution in terms of evaluation and validation of the User Experience from a third party, and that's where UNGUESS came in, and that's where our collaboration with them began.

Ygriko Solovey

As Stefano rightly says, we had already done a whole series of internal and external tests with different stakeholders, but we hadn't yet reached the level of objectivity that would allow us to build a User Experience in line with user expectations.

The power of the Crowd

Stefano Cesone

So, with UNGUESS, we organized a crowdtesting activity to validate the UX of the platform. Together with us, they identified a panel of users in line with our target audience, who would simulate a whole series of user experiences on the platform, and the results were certainly positive.

Ygriko Solovey

Absolutely yes. Together with UNGUESS, we designed a whole set of paths and journeys that had to be analyzed, which for us were, from our point of view, the most sensitive, where the user could have most of the criticalities or problems.

So we built together what had to be the areas of the platform to be analyzed, and from there we launched a crowdtesting cycle with continuous monitoring through a platform owned by UNGUESS, which allowed us to see case by case what the different testers reported, and allowed us to go very in depth, also being able to watch videos recorded during the tests.

The UNGUESS Impact

Stefano Cesone

What we certainly learned from this experience is that the constant, systematic, and incremental monitoring of user feedback is a fundamental element for building user-friendly digital services. We will certainly treasure this experience for the next releases of as well as for the development of our next digital services.

Ygriko Solovey

Yes, I would say that it was an absolutely positive experience both for the people we interacted with, that we had on the other side as UNGUESS, for their professionalism and availability, and for all that we brought home as results. So, as Stefano rightly said, for the next Virtualhospital releases, for other projects, but also for other phases of the project itself, we will certainly consider UNGUESS to help us in the design of a valuable User Experience.

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