Case Study

Agile Crowdtesting Project: The Up2You Case

The UNGUESS community is getting bigger and better and now allows you to do your own testing.

The UNGUESS community ( is getting bigger and increasingly more qualified, paving the way for a new adventure. We are now able to undertake unexplored paths to provide our customers with progressively efficient and faster services that now can be also managed independently.

With this in mind, the Agile Crowdtesting Project was born: a package of light, cheap and fast services (but with the same quality as always) that fits the fastest Agile processes with an engineered and, obviously, Crowd-based system.

The first company to have tested the power of our new services was Up2You, a startup that helps people and companies reduce their impact on the planet through CO₂ compensation projects.


Instant & Verification Test

Up2You relied on the UNGUESS ACP to carry out functional compatibility tests in the pre-release phase of the new version of their platform.

Through a Wizard, the Up2You team activated an Instant Test (which is a light and fast cross-device functional test) in complete autonomy, without long setup calls and waste of resources.

The first bugs were found a few days after the test started and the first results were already available within just over a week (download the Case Study too see them).

But we didn’t stop there.

Once the first phase had been passed, thanks to the remote support of a Tester Leader, Up2You selected those bugs, like typos, that could be present on multiple devices and operating systems. After that, a more significant number of testers was activated to verify where these problems had arisen (Verification Test).


The floor is given to Lorenzo Vendemini, CPO & Co-Founder of Up2You

“In just over a week, we had the final report in our hands”


Hi Lorenzo, can you tell us about Up2You? What is it and what does it do?

Up2You is a startup that aims to reduce and offset the CO₂ emissions that we produce every day. We do that by providing tailor-made solutions to all those types of business - from small eCommerce platforms to large companies - that want to involve their employees in their green mission. We believe little in the heroic and striking gestures, more in smaller but regular and equally significant ones.

Why did you turn to UNGUESS?

We had released a new version of our platform and, although we had already conducted some tests internally, we wanted to make sure that the user experience was optimal and smooth. We were also curious to see the reaction of a new target that hadn’t seen the previous versions.

What did you expect from the tests you carried with us? What were your goals?

Our main goal was precisely to find and solve the several existing bugs, both in the desktop and the mobile version of our platform. At the same time, we also wanted to have feedback on the user experience to understand how effective the platform was.

Have we been able to reach your expectations? :)

In all honesty, I must say that you have overcome our expectations! Your work was essential to identify a large number of bugs that we weren’t able to detect by ourselves. Besides, the explanations provided were always very clear, also thanks to the support of videos and images attached to every bug report.

What were the aspects that emerged from the tests that surprised you the most?

What caught our attention the most was the speed at which the tests were conducted. The first bug reports arrived a few days after the prototype was delivered and within just over a week we had the final report in our hands. Despite the tight deadline, some bugs were really complex to spot, for example for specific combinations of device and operating system!

What were the advantages of choosing a solution such as the Crowdtesting Agile Project?

Using a panel of “virgin” testers, who didn’t know Up2You and weren’t influenced by previous versions, allowed us to see the platform with new eyes, literally. Additionally, being in touch with one single person, Luca, who was in charge of coordinating all the testers, was a considerable time saver compared to the tests we carried out internally.

To whom would you recommend UNGUESS?

Personally, I would recommend it to anyone who puts the UX at the heart of their product (is there anyone who doesn’t?). I think it’s impossible to replicate this quantity and quality of testing with so little effort on your own, and that makes the Make or Buy choice very easy!


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