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UNGUESS doubles its turnover and closes 2021 with a new hiring record

A 2021 marked by a +100% growth in turnover compared to 2020 for UNGUESS, leader in Crowdtesting solutions

The return of talents to Italy, the expansion of the business units and the enlargement of the international community are the foundations for the growth of AppQuality, an innovative startup that helps companies to develop products and services by involving real customers in all the stages of the process, from design to development and product testing, before or after its release on the market.

"During 2021 AppQuality (UNGUESS from January 24, 2022) has grown enormously, both in terms of the commercial solutions proposed and the number of successfully completed projects, over 600. The team has also grown and now counts 50 members of staff, but even though we are growing, we have never lost the start-up spark, the one that wants to make a revolution with a very precise purpose: to make people's lives better, enabling them to have fluid experiences on all channels, secure and digitally accessible services for everyone" comments Luca Manara, CEO and co-founder of AppQuality


Milan, 22 December 2021 - A 2021 marked by a +100% growth in turnover compared to 2020 for AppQuality, a startup that makes the Crowd, the community of users and end customers from all over the world, the lever for the development of customised solutions for businesses.


From Polytechnic University of Milan to international markets: the story of AppQuality

Founded in 2015 within the "Mobile Lab" research centre of the Polytechnic University of Milan and Cremona from an idea of three former students, Edoardo Vannutelli, Filippo Maria Renga and Luca Manara, now CEO of the startup, AppQuality (UNGUESS from January 24, 2022) improves the quality of mobile apps on the market by asking their users to test them themselves and find faults.

As of 2021, the startup has optimised the experience and quality of an extensive range of products and services (both physical and digital) thanks to a range of solutions for companies that include, among others, Crowdtesting, UX testing and Market Research. AppQuality today works with medium and large international companies such as Pirelli, Costa Crociere, De'Longhi Group, Bending Spoons, Enel, Lottomatica, Decathlon, Intesa Sanpaolo and many others, but has also developed services tailored for startups.


The community expands: from Europe to over 130 countries worldwide

AppQuality (UNGUESS, from Jan 24, 2022) engages a community of end-customers to enable companies to release consumer-approved products and optimise solutions already on the market. This year, AppQuality's work has involved end users from 130 different countries around the world, including Brazil, Australia, UK, China, Hong Kong, Russia, USA, Switzerland, Chile and Saudi Arabia, as well as countries in the European Union. The intention is to further expand the community's pool of skills by providing free courses on its platform.


Talents returning to Italy and a high percentage of under-30s among the new employees

The year 2021 also saw the addition of 20 new resources to the workforce, a 66.7% increase that brings the total number of employees to 50. About 40% of them are under-30s. The latest arrivals, Roberta Ventura, 29, returned from Austria and Carmela De Luca, 38, returned from London, are both Customer Success Managers. Maria Laura Rizza, 34, returned from Brussels and is a Growth Events Specialist.


Two new business units and an acquisition expand AppQuality's range of activities

AppQuality has recently inaugurated a new business unit dedicated to Market Research and Customer Experience and one dedicated to Cybersecurity with the launch of WhiteJar, the first community in Italy of certified ethical hackers. The startup announces its intention to attracting talents from all over the world and strengthen its business units, which are now four: Software Quality, UX/ UI Research, Market Research & Customer Experience and Cybersecurity. This year, AppQuality also acquired iterspace, a tool capable of quickly bringing customer insights to the teams that need them, shortening the time needed to manage feedback and improving the experience of all the stakeholders. 

"In recent years we have seen the consumer's preferences and needs change often and quickly, so it has been crucial to constantly work on integrating their point of view into the strategic choices of companies. This has led to a new awareness at AppQuality, which is now going through an important phase of evolution. 

Indeed, 2022 will be a revolutionary year for AppQuality, and the first big news will be unveiled as early as January. The whole team is grateful to have helped companies every day to put their customers at the heart of their processes. But now we can only think about 2022 and the challenging goals we are working on incessantly, including the intention to be an increasingly international reality, both in terms of team and nature of the projects," concludes Luca Manara.

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