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Decathlon: 3 days to optimise the online shopping experience

Decathlon has requested our involvement in an attempt to optimise the shopping experience on its e-commerce website in 3 days involving our crowd.

"The collaboration with UNGUESS allowed us to observe through a new external, concrete and vertical point of view.

The insights generated gave rise to new priorities within the continuous optimisation process."

Gabriele Motta
UX Leader @ Decathlon 


Decathlon is the world's leading sporting goods retail chain, with more than 1500 physical stores in more than 50 countries. In 2020, the French brand saw double-digit growth in its online sales, up from 8% the previous year to 19%.

Decathlon's e-commerce strategy is constantly evolving, so much so that this summer, the company invited distributors, retailers and brands from some of the segments it covers to sell their products through its platform. In this phase of expansion and strategic focus on e-commerce, Decathlon turned to UNGUESS (the former AppQuality) to make its users' online experience smooth and memorable. The effects of the pandemic brought more traffic to the site, but it continued to be tested only internally on the basis of feelings and experiences.

In this way, however, the Decathlon team lacked the external, objective opinion of those who use e-commerce as end users. This approach, provided by UNGUESS, allows reliable insights to be derived and translated into practical and actionable actions regarding the structure of the online store.


Test objectives

Decathlon has requested our involvement in an attempt to optimise the shopping experience on its e-commerce website. In particular, the work of the UNGUESS team and the community was focused on:

    • understanding how the experience of browsing the catalogue on the "" website is perceived by the real user;

    • understanding whether the navigation and information are clear enough to allow the user to find what they are looking for and to place the desired products in their shopping cart.


Spoiler: +14% conversion rate on the account creation page.

Download the Case Study to find out how we achieved this result in 3 days on Decathlon ecommerce ⬇️

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