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iOS 15: What's New and What Are the Impacts on Apps

Apple launched its latest beta version of iOS 15 in June 2021. Let's see in detail the changes and some frequently reported issues.

Apple launched its latest beta version of its iOS operating system, iOS 15, in June 2021, which will officially be found in the fall. It is vital to notice that iOS 15 is well-matched with the iPhone 6s and newer, implying it works on all devices that support iOS14 and will be made available this fall. iOS 15 brings new features to FaceTime calls, distraction reduction tools, updated notification experience, added privacy features, complete safari, weather and maps redesigns, and more. Also, iOS 15's new notifications include contact photographs for people and larger app icons. Let's see in detail the changes and some frequently reported issues.

What Changes With iOS15?

Although there are numerous new and updated features with iOS 15, here I would like to discuss some of the noteworthy features of iOS 15. So, let's jump right into it:


Notification Filters and Apps

The Focus feature helps your users decide what they want to focus on at a specific time. When the person's focus prevents new alerts from being received, that user's status will be broadcast in Messages to others. While iOS 15 will employ on-device intelligence to advise Focus usage based on specific situations, including throughout the workday or when winding down for bed, your users can build a personalized Focus. Note that when users set a Focus on one Apple device, all Apple devices become automatically assigned.

focus mode

New, Compact Tab Bar

A distinct visual style distinguishes Safari. Controlling the navigation on the site with just one hand is now a lot easier, giving more attention to the information on the page. A new, compact tab bar appears on the screen's bottom as a floating tab bar, easy to access with the swipe of a finger. Users may save tabs in Tab Groups and conveniently access them from anywhere at any time. Also, for the first time, the user has access to personalized start pages and web extensions.


New 3D Views in Cities

Newly available in cities with far improved 3D imagery, the Maps app now includes a new 3D view that depicts buildings, bike lanes, pedestrian crosswalks, and more. With increased road information and better Transit features, like pinned favorite lines, AR walking directions, and notifications to disembark, a new city-driving experience is on the horizon.


Voice Isolation and Spatial Audio

iOS 15 has the new FaceTime feature of voice isolation and Spatial Audio, making it possible for people to have conversations as if they were standing in front of the device, like in a real-life setting. The new Portrait mode and new grid view are two features of FaceTime that offer enhanced face identification capabilities. The new SharePlay functionality allows FaceTime callers to share media in sync while sharing. Using the FaceTime app, your users can generate sharing links to open FaceTime calls on Android and Windows devices.

Redesigned Weather App

The iOS 15 Weather app offers new graphical displays that provide more information about weather conditions, detailed maps, and a full-screen layout that adapts to weather situations.


Support for New Key Types

iOS 15 enables new key types such as home, business, or hotel rooms in the Wallet app. Shortly, consumers with a driver's license or ID will be able to add their credentials to the Wallet app.

Update to Memories

A substantial update to Memories with a new design and an interactive interface is introduced in the Photos app. In addition to integrating with Apple Music, Memories now leverages on-device intelligence to recommend songs that match individual Memories.


New Privacy and Security Features

With every new version of iOS, Apple strives to introduce new privacy and security features that help secure your users' iPhone/iPad, and iOS 15 is no exception. It is indeed a significant step forward in protecting privacy thanks to technologies like Xcode Cloud, App Privacy Report, HomeKit Secure Video, Audio of Siri Requests, iCloud Private Relay, Public-Private Key Authentication, Inspecting Mobile App Activity Data, New iCloud CloudKit Instance Property, New Core Data Instance Property, Mail Privacy Protection, and Hide My Email.


Certain Apps Will Still Not Work. Why?

Several years ago, I tested an iOS beta and could not utilize my bank's app. It would open it and then compel it to stop instantly. Fortunately, developers have been able to update the issue, although this is not always the case. Additionally, this year, I have had a few apps that repeatedly prompt me to register. Halfway through, my password manager does not realize that I am trying to input a password; thus, it does not automatically submit my credentials. I have to launch the password app, copy my password manually, and paste it into the app(s) I want.

Although I cannot lay out all the problems that reside in the beta version of iOS 15, I highlight some common issues experienced by your iPhone users. You, as a developer, should acknowledge the issues that affect your iPhone users:


  • Many iOS 15 beta users experience difficulty downloading third-party apps.

  • At the same time, some users are having an issue called odd scrolling bugs. When they scroll the screen, they face disruption or lock up.

  • Often, a file quits unexpectedly when a user chooses 'open' in a new window for a file.

  • Similarly, in the case of iOS 15, users might see the message: XYZ should be updated, the developer of this application needs to update it to run on iOS15, or some others.

  • The beta version of iOS 15 is causing issues with Bluetooth. Precisely speaking, it prompts troubles to connect to the headphone or car. Unfortunately, it is a continued issue that existed even on iOS 14.7.1. The previous version also popped up problems when one tried to connect via Bluetooth.

  • Some iPhone users also had troubles connecting to the Wi-Fi. They are essentially unable to connect to the Wi-Fi.

  • Apple is reverting to its infamous decision to redesign mobile Safari in iOS 15 to display the address bar at the screen's bottom. It allows floating atop the content of a page. The complaint with the floating tab bar is that it blocks out elements one needs to click

  • In the SharePlay session, users may not link the phone to the Carplay for screen sharing.

  • Furthermore, some users see the wrong category appear when they select a category in the widget gallery. However, the issue resolves when they reopen the gallery.

  • There are also complaints of spotlight search issues.


The Question Is, Why Is This All Happening?

  • That may be because old 32-bit apps will not be compatible with iOS15.

  • Other than that, whenever Apple makes significant changes to the operating system and the underlying APIs developers use to create new features, provisions, and services, it ordinarily implies that earlier developer tools are deleted or changed how this works.

  • In addition to it, the new privacy and security features introduced in the previous section – included in iOS 15 – can also make it difficult for some users to utilize apps. Even it may happen that your users face issues while updating their apps. Precisely speaking, it might be because of the new methods for certifying apps.

But then again, I have learned something throughout the long term – because the software works during the first beta, it does not mean that beta three does not break it. If someone relies on apps consistently, it is advisable to keep testing till the official.


Final Words

As far as aesthetics are concerned, iOS 15 does not add anything new to the mobile operating system. Instead, the alterations remain subtle. However, in terms of functions, several advances are intriguing and worth investigating. In conclusion, iOS 15 is loaded with new features and provisions to help your users hook up with others, explore the world, be more active, and utilize powerful intelligence to accomplish more with their iPhone than at any time in recent memory.

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