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From AppQuality to UNGUESS: be smart from the start

The startup expands its offer and brings its community at the center of corporate strategies for human-centric solutions

The startup expands its offer and brings its community at the center of corporate strategies for human-centric solutions

With a turnover growth of 100% from 2020 to 2021 and a repositioning culminating in a rebranding, UNGUESS reinforces the goal of supporting companies to be smarter during the decision-making processes through research, analysis, and testing of products and services that involves real users and customers.

Milan, January 24, 2022 - UNGUESS is born as an evolution of the innovative startup AppQuality which since 2015 has brought customers and end users from more than 130 countries to the center of companies’ product strategy.

WATCH: Our live launch event for UNGUESS

With a turnover that doubled in the last year, the expansion to foreign markets is among the objectives of 2022 to internationalize the methodology, involve new users, already active on a global scale, and expand the pool of expertise thanks to free courses. The startup already collaborates with international companies including Pirelli, De’Longhi Group, Bending Spoons, Enel, Toyota Insurance Services, Decathlon, Prénatal, Milestone, and many others, but has also created startup-friendly services.

Known for having brought crowdtesting to Italy in 2015, today it aims to eliminate the guesswork from the decision-making processes, giving companies the ability to intercept the needs of consumers and real users thanks to its worldwide community. As explained by the CEO, Luca Manara, the offer is much wider today and is not limited to websites and apps (as the old name suggested). "Over the years the community has also been able to test physical products and even stores, through wearable devices such as smart glasses." The scope of action, which originally was Software Quality and User Experience, today also includes Market Research, Customer Experience, and Cybersecurity.

"If I had known all this from the start, I would have done things differently" is often the comment of CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, and IT experts once they learn the point of view of their end consumers. Faced with complex decisions, sometimes these figures do not have real customers' feedback in their hands, discovering difficult truths only when the project is launched. To continue to offer their end customers a consistent and high-quality customer experience, it becomes necessary to be smart from the start. That means knowing the real expectations of the consumer to make a truly effective product or service, before and after its launch.

"In an increasingly digitalized and fast world, companies need to bring the collective wisdom of their users into their decision-making processes, to accelerate the creation, development, and implementation processes and, at the same time, ensure a human-centric commercial offer", Antonio Lorenzon, Chief Marketing Officer of UNGUESS explains. 

The company will focus on three elements: its community of highly vetted real people (to offer companies objective answers and insightful feedback at any needed time), technology (thanks to the flexible and easy-to-use proprietary platform), and methodology (scalable across all industries and geographic locations).


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