How to improve your CRO strategy using crowdtesting

When working to improve CRO, one of the ways to achieve satisfactory and lasting results is to propose a design to users that guarantees an exceptional experience, free of hiccups, problems and obstacles. And that is where Crowdtesting comes in.

The challenges for online businesses to attract and engage visitors are more than ever. Now organizations are not only focused to optimized their websites to rank well in the search engines, but they also aim to achieve optimization in the conversation rate. Conversion rate optimization is focused on optimizing conversions and reducing the cost of conversion. All the activities to improve the conversion ultimately focus on increasing the turnover by utilizing UX and UI design, data analysis, SEO, copywriting, and content marketing.

Launching a practical and user-friendly website or application is essential to improve the CRO. And to make this happen, you need to know what your end-users will like in the product in terms of features, navigation, responsiveness, ease of use, etc. Crowdtesting plays a vital role in gathering such information.

What is Conversion rate optimization?

Conversion is the process of converting a random visitor to an actionable and interested prospect. It occurs when any user takes pre-determined actions like order completion, clicking on a button, or filling up a lead generation form on the website. Conversion rate optimization is the process of boosting the percentage of conversion. In this optimization process, actions are taken to improve the different parameters and technicalities to make the product more acceptable to the users.

Why is CRO so important for your business?

With the increase in online activities, the market is becoming more competitive. Every organization wants its visitors to become their loyal customers. But it is tough until your website or application offers exceptional user experience in every aspect. CRO can resolve these problems.

If your website visitors do what you expect, you can make a conversion. Some of the key reasons for investing in CRO are:

  • CRO offers great insights into the performance of your website or application. You can identify and take necessary improvement actions to make your online store more effective.

  • It offers a competitive advantage by reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA). This means you get more customers with the same budget. Ultimately, it improves the revenue. Also, the money saved by CRO can be utilized in some other bucket of the business.

  • CRO is great for retaining customers. Loyal customers are your brand's advocate. They not only bring you repetitive business but also promote your business free of cost.

  • With a successful CRO strategy, you can attract clients of your competitors. In this way, you can increase your business rapidly.

  • CRO helps increase the customer Life Time value (or CLTV) by reducing the churn rate. Through successful CRO, you can reduce your website's bounce or cart abandonment rates by offering a smooth customer journey.


Reasons Your Business Needs Crowdtesting for Better CRO

There is no second thought that if your visitors are well-informed and get an exceptional experience in their initial journey, they will take action like buying, sharing with friends, or subscribing to your newsletter. But to ask them to take these actions, your product needs to be perfect in every aspect.

Crowdtesting is the most innovative way to gather information and feedback on different aspects of the website or application.

  • With the help of diversified professional testers, organizations can get unbiased feedback. This can identify the minute conversion blockers that a small sample cannot provide.

  • Businesses can get real-world feedback from the actual users regarding the bugs, functionalities, responsiveness, usability, and other potential roadblocks for conversion. Unfortunately, it is not apparent with conventional testing processes.

  • Organizations can leverage the power of a large community of testers who can assist in accurately detecting user behaviour patterns that can guide CRO efforts.

  • Speed is another key benefit that crowdtesting offers. The quick and real feedback from a diversified community of crowdtesters can deliver fast and real-users feedback. This helps enterprises act must rapidly to boost conversions.

CRO is the right strategy in this digital era to generate more revenue without increasing marketing expenses. It is the only way to attract and convert the maximum qualified visitors into potential customers.


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