Hundreds of ethical hackers in defense of Talent Protocol blockchain

So that investments in the best digital talents careers around the world are safer

The new Talent Protocol network, for high-potential talents who aim to create or contribute to innovative projects, has just been released. 

The network allows the launch of tokens associated with high-potential individuals and offers a space in which users can support the talents in which they believe the most.

To analyze and ultimately improve the safety and security level of the platform on Web3, WhiteJar’s community of ethical hackers tested the portal through penetration tests. WhiteJar is among the very few Italian companies to deal with cybersecurity also in the blockchain sector.

Milan, June 2022 - A professional Web3 network, where high-potential talent can build an on-chain resume and launch a talent token, allowing anyone to easily invest in their careers. This is Talent Protocol (, a professional network born in 2021 (and now renewed in design and contents) where anyone can discover and support high-potential individuals in the blockchain.

With the mission to help the next generation of talents achieve success and fulfillment by enabling collective careers1, Talent Protocol, which now has around 340 talent tokens from all around the world, has just announced a new version of the platform after a testing phase performed by WhiteJar, the first community of ethical hackers in Italy made up of only certified professionals. WhiteJar is UNGUESS' service dedicated to cybersecurity, the platform that brings collective knowledge and intelligence into the decision-making processes of companies.


The role of WhiteJar

Over the course of a month, WhiteJar’s Ethical Hackers performed continuous cycles of crowd-based penetration tests (WhiteJar's core business together with vulnerability assessment services). This way, the community of ethical hackers was able to guarantee the security of Talent Protocol on Web3, being WhiteJar among the very few Italian companies that offer cybersecurity services also in the blockchain sector.

"We started collaborating with Talent Protocol in November 2021 to identify any system flaws and we quickly identified the first vulnerabilities - explains Aldo Del Bo', Head of Cybersecurity at WhiteJar. - Thanks to our working model, based on collective and widespread intelligence, we were able to identify vulnerabilities that were not found with traditional Pen Tests. Thanks to our work, Talent Protocol was able to verify if what had been planned up to that moment was safe and continue with the next steps of its business plan".


Talent Protocol: a talent platform in which we can all become supporters

With an open-source code and a completely free platform, Talent Protocol - thanks to the work done by the WhiteJar Ethical Hackers community - was able to present a new version of the website with a renewed offer and design. Talent Protocol’s season 1 brought to life a multiplayer reality on Web3 (where the first supporters are rewarded and success is shared). The project is now on season 2, which brings NFTs, a new user interface, public profiles, career goals, and the launch on a second blockchain (Polygon).

Through Talent Protocol, high-potential talent from around the world can launch their token, allowing anyone to vouch for their careers, and transform their network into a community invested in their success.

“We believe that talent is abundant, however contradictory opinions we might have heard. The focus lies upon visibility and opportunity, and that’s what we’re trying to solve through social tokens”, one of the Portuguese co-founders Pedro Oliveira explains.

“Building in such a new space as Web3 means a lot of challenges. Security is one of them and building a bulletproof network since day one is a major concern for us”, explains Francisco Leal, Chief Product Officer at Talent Protocol. “Our collaboration with WhiteJar was key to settle the next steps for us”.

1"Collective careers" means that Talent Protocol is empowering users to achieve success by enabling them to grow through the use of an engaged community of supporters.



WhiteJar powered by UNGUESS

WhiteJar ( is the first Bug Security Bounty service "made in the Crowd'" in Italy. It is the only community of CEH, GXPN, OSCP, GWAPT, GMOB certified Ethical Hacker of whom we know the identity and history and put their knowledge at the service of companies and public authorities to prevent malicious attacks, identify vulnerabilities and suggest remediation strategies. All this takes place through a WhiteJar Crowdsourced Security Platform (CSSP) in which clients and Ethical Hackers can interact in real time. Ethical Hackers are supervised by a senior figure who applies an internal system of validation of identified vulnerabilities. WhiteJar powered by UNGUESS is a member of Clusit and Assintel. It is also a partner of the Cybersecurity & Data Observatory. Protection of the Politecnico di Milano and sponsor of the sixth edition of, the training program organized by CINI for young people who want to work in cybersecurity. WhiteJar is a service of the innovative SME UNGUESS ( which, thanks to its global community, operates in the areas of Software Quality, User Experience, Customer Experience, Market Research and Cybersecurity to support companies in bring collective knowledge into decision-making processes in an easier and faster way.



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