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M-commerce and mobile shopping: why you should test it to offer top UX

Shopping through mobile applications is an essential element of our life. How to get the best out of it for your business?

With the exponential growth of the online market, online shopping has taken a substantial step toward m-commerce. And the mobile ecosystem is dominating the field as it is faster and easier to use. Shopping through mobile applications is now an essential element of our life. We can check for products and buy whenever and wherever with a few taps on the screen.

According to statistics, in 2021, 56% of online sales happened through mobile devices. Also, mobile shopping is accountable for more than 59% market share of global e-commerce. Moreover, the forecast says that user penetration in the e-commerce market will reach 62.5% by 2025.

Therefore, it is clear that the use of mobile devices will increase exponentially. And hence, it is essential not only to offer the possibility to shop from mobile, but also to provide a seamless experience to the users to make the most of the booming e-commerce market.

In this context, before launching the mobile application for online shopping, testing the performance, functionalities, and features it is necessary to ensure the application delivers the best UX and CX to your users.

M-commerce: what is it, and why you should have one

In this internet-driven world, we are familiar with e-commerce. And now it’s high time to explore the booming and expanding m-commerce sector.

M-commerce is a part of electronic commerce where the transactions and other activities are performed on a handheld, wireless device like a mobile. As shopping through mobile applications is very convenient, nowadays everyone prefers to do mobile shopping. For this reason, offering the possibility to shop on a mobile app can’t be considered a nice-to-have anymore for businesses. Let’s better analyse why: 

Mutual convenience: Users can quickly check for any goods or services from any place and at any time. Similarly, the vendors also can connect with the buyers and deliver products more quickly and seamlessly.

Easy interaction: It is difficult to find a moment where  we don’t  carry our mobiles. Therefore, staying connected to the target audience, potential buyers, and existing customers is very easy through an m-commerce mobile application.

Wider reach: It is easy to enter a new market through mobile commerce. With the increasing numbers of mobile and internet usage, every mobile user is a potential buyer of e-commerce platforms. A shopping mobile application makes it far easier to reach any corner of the globe quickly and with minimum investment.

How offering the best UX means more profits to your business

In the last couple of years, especially after the Covid-19 health crisis, our shopping trend has shifted from offline to online. Due to the attachment to smartphones, the modern generations prefer to perform every activity through mobile applications. And we all expect the m-commerce application to be fast, easy, and feature-loaded.  That is why offering the best UX and CX in the mobile shopping journey can generate more profit for your business. In particular, here’s three reasons why you can’t afford not to offer the best possible experience: 

Customer trust: The initial experience during online mobile shopping leaves a long-lasting impression on the buyer’s mind. A user-friendly application that allows the buyer to navigate easily, make the shopping journey fast, and ultimately provide secure transactions creates a trust quotient in the buyer’s mind. And a happy buyer always plays the role of advocate for the brand.

High customer retention: In this highly competitive market, it is vital to retain the existing customers. And to do it , mobile applications must offer excellent UX. Data says that 88% of clients show less interest in returning to a site with poor UX. This means a user-friendly mobile shopping application can increase your profit by keeping the existing clients attached to the brand.

Attract new users: According to statistics, 28% of people avoid a brand if they hear something negative from their family and friends. This is the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, offering a great User Experience is the key to attracting new customers and new customers mean more revenue and profit.


Testing m-commerce mobile applications before launch can save a lot of time, money, and effort. Also, it betters the business reputation among users. If users get the best UX and CX, there is no doubt that their trust and recommendations will help the business generate significant revenue and profit.

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