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Security Assurance and QA: The perfect combination for your business

How Security and Quality Assurance should work together to preserve a business from cyber-attacks and reduce risks while retaining top-quality code.

Through advances in technology, software quality is becoming one of companies’ most important priorities. Organizations are trying to find a solution that will enable softwares to remain of the highest quality while not costing too much. Security assurance refers to software companies' techniques to ensure that their code remains error-free and supports its intended use.

This article will explore how security and quality assurance work together to preserve a business from cyber-attacks and how both methodologies can be used to reduce software risks while retaining top-quality code.


How do Security and Quality Work Together? 

Software quality assures that the product meets the expectations that are outlined for it. In security assurance, quality is defined by legal requirements and contractual agreements. Adhering to these regulations ensures that the product is safe and secure as per industry standards.

CISOs are responsible for identifying potential security flaws within the software that the Quality Assurance team developed and for providing guidance on mitigating these risks to the code. This collaboration requires clear lines of communication between both teams so that the QA team can discover all security defects during development and the SOC analysts can fix the problems before release. 

With security assurance, quality and security teams can work together to build secure apps without slowing the development process.


What is the difference between security assurance and QA?

While talking about security assurance and QA, one must know the differences between these processes and how they work. Additionally, it is imperative to understand what are the general aspects of both processes that should take care of the security and QA to get better services.

QA is  part of the software development life cycle, so every company should have it in their process. It checks all the parameters like performance, speed, responsiveness, device compatibility, etc. of the software to deliver the best possible UX. In simple words, we can say that QA is the  process of testing any software asset developed by the company. Security assurance is a process that mainly focuses on the security aspect of the software and it protects the software from malware, hacking or other cyber-attacks so that clients and users will feel safe using the software.


How to ensure security assurance

Security assurance goes through some essential processes that are highly important for any software development company. These essential steps are security by design approach, continuous code reviews and penetration testing before release.

Security by design approach

Security by design is an essential process for any software development company. Before developing any software, companies should focus on the security process that seeks to protect any software from vulnerabilities and malevolent attacks, so as to have a perfect product to launch on the market. 

Continuous code reviews

Continuous code reviews are a process of checking the codes thoroughly. Through this important step developers check if any security weaknesses and vulnerabilities exist in any software during the whole software development cycle. The success of all softwares depends on the stringent code review process, so it becomes necessary for companies to develop a more secure product and avoid major security issues post-launch.

Penetration testing before release

Penetration testing is used to test any software for any vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This is an intentional simulation attack performed by experts during the development stage. It ensures an end-to-end solution for any software development company that needs to focus on this process to protect the security of their software.

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In the modern high-paced environment it is essential to launch a perfect product in the first go. And security assurance and QA must go hand-in-hand to make it a success, so it’s vital to choose a testing service company that could offer both security assurance and software quality testing. Through these processes, any company can launch a perfect product which will boost the user experience and trust of the company. This will persuade your users to recommend the product to others and ultimately boost the business revenue.


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