Trends 2024: UNGUESS Playlists to keep up with the times, to the rhythm of music

Security, User Experience and User Research, Quality Assurance: the experts at UNGUESS have set to work to distill the most relevant trends in each field, with a choice of absolutely high-quality music.

The start of the new year is always the ideal time to take stock of the past year and look to the future. And at UNGUESS, we certainly didn't want to miss this opportunity.

Thus, UNGUESS experts in each of our three main areas of expertise - Quality, Experience, and Security - have set to work to look ahead to 2024 and the immediate future, and to select the 10 trends that, in their opinion, will change their field of work forever.

But, since we don't like to do things in a mundane way, we didn't limit ourselves to a simple "collection" of trends: we took one of the things we like the most, music, and matched each trend with a memorable song. All to make your time dedicated to training and updating more enjoyable and fun.

Here you will find our three playlists on Spotify , while from the banners just below, you can download the documents with the trends.

Trends 2024 in Experience, Quality, and Security: what you will find

10 trends for each area of expertise, each with a comment from UNGUESS experts, an example of Best Practice for inspiration, and a statistic that helps to frame the phenomenon.

Playlist | The 10 UX and User Research trends not to miss in 2024

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Featuring: Pearl Jam, Daft Punk, Elvis Presley, The Cardigans, Skunk Anansie and more

Playlist | The 10 QA and User Research trends not to miss in 2024

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Featuring: Taylor Swift, Pink Floyd, Jamiroquai, King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard, John Mayer

Playlist | I 10 trend UX e User Research da non perdere nel 2024

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Featuring: Queen, Sting, Clash, Bruno Mars, Led Zeppelin

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