UNGUESS testing services for insurance

From functional testing to data compliance verification, we have successfully completed over 150 projects in the insurance sector: discover more.

In an insurance sector that is constantly changing and increasingly focused on customer experience, UNGUESS's testing services play a key role in defining new standards of quality and safety. Years of collaboration with leading insurance companies have allowed us to develop cutting-edge solutions that meet the specific needs of the sector.

Our experience in the insurance sector

Our long-standing experience in the insurance sector has seen us collaborate with some of the biggest companies at a national and international level. We have tackled complex projects, ranging from complete testing of the insurance quoting and purchasing process, to the private area dedicated to the customer, as well as focusing on cybersecurity aspects and data protection. These experiences have allowed us to refine our skills and become a trusted partner for insurance companies, providing solutions that perfectly adapt to their needs.




Authentic feedback for improved retention

To improve customer retention, we have developed an approach based on tests with real users. Our crowd, consisting of thousands of users, provides valuable insights that allow us to deeply understand what customers are looking for in insurance. This strategy enables us to identify the strengths and areas of improvement for insurance companies, suggesting targeted changes that increase customer loyalty and enhance their overall experience.

Extended and Customized Testing Services

Our testing services are extremely extensive and cover all aspects of the insurance experience. We handle functional tests to ensure that software and processes work smoothly, non-regression tests to guarantee consistency in improvements made, and data verification for security and compliance. Our Bug Reporting platform plays an essential role in providing real-time feedback, allowing effective management of testing processes and complete transparency towards our clients.

User Experience Testing

With a team specialized in User Research, we go beyond simple testing. We focus on understanding and improving every aspect of the customer's digital experience, from interaction with online platforms to the ease of use of various services. This process allows us to provide detailed recommendations and tailored solutions that enhance the usability and effectiveness of our clients' platforms, driving their users' satisfaction and loyalty.

A Commitment to Cybersecurity

Recognizing the importance of data protection in the insurance sector, we have developed a robust approach to cybersecurity. Through the use of certified ethical hackers, we perform thorough tests to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in IT systems. This proactive approach ensures that customer information is protected from external risks, strengthening trust in the security of insurance companies' digital platforms.


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