The world’s most devastating cyber attacks in 2022

Take a look at a summary of the most dangerous cyber attacks that occurred in 2022 to date


cyber attacks 2022

The digital world is filled with constant threats of cyber attacks. The recent WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks have demonstrated that no network is completely invulnerable to cyber threats.  As the dependency on computers and digital networks continues to increase, so do the risks of data breaches and cyber-terrorism. As businesses continue to adopt advanced technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and internet-of-things devices, the potential for cyber attacks also increases This article lists some of the most devastating cyber attacks in 2022, demonstrating why it’s important to remain vigilant at all times when using computer networks.


Lapsus$ Group's extortion campaign is in full swing

The Lapsus$ Group is a Chinese cybercrime syndicate that is known for its aggressive extortion campaigns. The Lapsus$ Group has been linked to data breaches at several large organizations, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), and several branches of the US military.  In 2022, the Lapsus$ Group launched a cyber extortion campaign targeting governments of major countries around the world. The Chinese cybercrime syndicate threatened to leak data from government databases unless they were paid large sums of bitcoin Lapsus$ also threatens to disrupt government computer networks unless they were paid ransoms to restore their functionality. The Lapsus$ extortion campaign is one of the most devastating cyber attacks of 2022 because it threatened governments worldwide with embarrassing data leaks.


Cyberwars: Russia vs Ukraine

Cyberwarfare between Russian and Ukrainian intelligence agencies became increasingly aggressive towards the end of 2022. As tensions rose between the two nations, their cyber wars soon escalated into full-scale cyber wars.  The Kremlin and its agents unleashed destructive cyber attacks against the Ukrainian government, while the Ukrainian government attempted to defend itself using its cyber security forces.  The Russian/Ukrainian cyber war crippled the Ukrainian government, destabilizing the region and facilitating an invasion of Ukraine by Russia. This cyber war utilized advanced AI hacks, including autonomous hacking tools.


Costa Rica has been crippled by Conti

The Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE), a state-owned company that controls the Costa Rican electricity grid, was targeted by a sophisticated cyber-attack. The attack is believed to be sponsored by the Conti Group, a notorious cybercrime syndicate.  Conti, a criminal organization that formed in Russia in the early 2010s, has expanded its operations to China, North Korea, and Central America. The ICE cyber attack is one of the most devastating attacks of 2022 because it crippled the Costa Rican electricity grid This attack resulted in a nationwide blackout that left millions of Costa Ricans without electricity for weeks. It disrupted the power supply for almost all of Costa Rica, crippling businesses and leaving many people without access to water and food, not only damaging the Costa Rican economy but also killing dozens of people.


Rockstar Games breach

The Rockstar Games network was hacked by a group of anonymous cybercriminals, allegedly part of the Lapsus$ Group. Rockstar Games is a video game development company that is responsible for creating the well-known “Grand Theft Auto” franchise.  The company’s network was breached and the source code of the latest game, together with millions of gamers’ personal information, was stolen. The cybercriminals behind the Rockstar Games network breach demanded a ransom from the company and its investors.  The Rockstar Games hack is one of the most devastating cyber attacks of 2022 because it compromises millions of gamers’ sensitive data, including credit card numbers. breach, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, suffered a major data breach. The breach occurred when’s network was hacked by an advanced threat actor.  The hackers behind the hack stole millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies from the exchange. The breach is one of the most devastating cyber attacks of 2022 because it compromises the personal information of millions of cryptocurrency investors, including their names, addresses, and social security numbers.


Cyber attack on the Red Cross

The Red Cross, a world-renowned humanitarian organization, suffered a cyber attack too. The cybercriminals behind the Red Cross network breach stole sensitive personal information from the organization’s network The cyber attack on the Red Cross is one of the most devastating cyber attacks of 2022 because it compromises the personal information of millions of people around the world, including their financial details, passwords, and social security numbers.


Ronin: how cybercriminals stole $600 million

Ronin (or Ransomware-as-a-Service) is a new type of ransomware that is developed and distributed by cybercriminals. It is fully automated ransomware that is distributed through the Internet, relying on botnets for distribution.  The Ronin RaaS was used by cybercriminals to distribute ransomware that infects the networks of businesses and organizations worldwide.  The Ronin RaaS is one of the most devastating cyber attacks of 2022 because it could have potentially stolen $600 million from organizations and businesses worldwide.


FlexBooker data breach

FlexBooker, an online travel agency, suffered a data breach that exposed the personal information of millions of customers. The breach occurred when an employee at FlexBooker accidentally leaked a file containing millions of sensitive customer records to a cybercriminal.  The attacker, who works for a notorious cybercrime syndicate, stole the file and posted it online. The FlexBooker data breach is one of the most devastating cyber attacks of 2022 because it compromises the personal information of millions of people, including financial details like credit card numbers.   When it comes to cybersecurity, the stakes are high. The consequences of a data breach can be catastrophic for businesses, not just from a PR perspective, but because cyberattackers can steal user information and personal data which could lead to identity theft or other repercussions. And the risk of attack is higher than ever. A recent report found that 66% of companies had been breached in the past year That’s why security programs like bug bounty programs are becoming more and more common among tech companies. Bug bounty programs offer incentives to outside ethical hackers and coders who find bugs or security vulnerabilities in company websites or apps.  Such programs also help catch problems early on before they become bigger issues later on down the road. Running a bug bounty program can be a great way for businesses to identify issues in their software, code or website before malicious actors do.  And it can also be a great way for researchers to earn some extra cash while helping the wider community identify vulnerabilities. No cybersecurity program is going to be 100% perfect. That’s not realistic. But a bug bounty program can help you identify and fix issues faster before they have a chance to impact your users or have any real consequences. To learn more about UNGUESS Security, the first 100% Italian Bug Security Bounty Program, and its paradigm of a 'Made in the Crowd' cybersecurity, visit

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