News On App Stores, May 2021

What's new on app stores: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery. Updated to May 2021

App Store 

News on Ads

Apple Search Ads has always made it easy to promote your apps at the top of relevant search results on the App Store. Now you can reach users even before they search with an ad placement on the Search tab.

Full content and details (external sources): Apple Developer

Private Click Measurement allows advertising networks to measure the effectiveness of advertisement clicks within apps and websites that navigate to a website. This information can be used to understand which advertisements drive conversions (such as purchases or signups) — while maintaining user privacy.

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Search suggestions now on the App Store

When users search on the App Store, they see suggested search terms related to what they’re looking for. Tapping a suggestion adjusts their search, so they’ll easily find even more apps that might fit their needs. 

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More on App Store 

New Apple Developer Forums features now available

The Apple Developer Forums offer a trusted space to find answers, ask questions, and share thoughts on a variety of code-level topics with fellow developers and Apple engineers. New features now make it even easier to keep track of activity, search for content, post replies, and more.

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App Store stopped more than $1.5 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions in 2020

Apple helps keep the App Store a safe and trusted place for users to discover apps by detecting and taking action against fraudulent developers and users.

Full content and details (external sources): Apple Developer, 9to5Mac



Google Play Store 

Google Play Store requiring Android apps to detail data use in new ‘safety section’ next year

Play Store added a “safety section” that all Android applications must fill out to “help people understand the data an app collects or shares.” Google Play’s safety section will require Android apps to list what data they collect and store. Developers will also have to explain how that data is used. 

Full content and details (external sources): 9to5Google


The Play Store is currently testing a redesigned “My Apps” section

A Reddit user spotted a new Play Store design, which alters the “My Apps” page we’ve known for years, replacing it with an “Overview” page. This new page shows Google Play Protect front and center followed by an “All apps up to date” section, which, presumably, shows a list of apps that have not been updated.

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Google Gallery Go surges to 100 million Play Store downloads

Designed specifically for low-end hardware as an alternative gallery app, Gallery Go leverages some of the best Google Photos, and it’s proving popular, having surged to the 100 million download milestone on the Play Store. It’s all the more impressive given that the app only recently reached the 50 million download milestone.

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Huawei App Gallery

Huawei and Viber announces partnership to make AppGallery as a leading store

Huawei has stated that it will do long-term brand cooperation with Viber on the AppGallery. The messaging service was one of the first major brands to join AppGallery and is one of the most popular. Viber is the free, simple, fast and secure messaging and calling app. The two companies are now working together to deliver deeper engagement with the growing user base.

Full content and details (external sources): HuaweiUpdate

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