News on Mobile OS Releases, August 2020

August 2020: The Latest News on Software Release

iOS 14

  • According to Bloomberg, the Apple's software will arrive in September. In the past few weeks, Apple has released to developers iOS 14 beta 4 (August 4), iOS 14 beta 5 (on August 18) and iOS 14 beta 6 (on August 25).
    The biggest new addition to the iOS beta 4 is the inclusion of the TV app widget. It also brought new Weather app icons, Exposure Notifications root preference panel location, improvements on Music app and Widget settings Home screen tint color.

    With iOS beta 5, testers should still expect performance and stability issues on primary devices.

    The latest release (iOS beta 6) contains bug fixes and improvements (on Maps, Airpods Accessibility, Alarm, emails).

Full content and details (external sources): Bloomberg, 9to5Mac (beta 6), 9to5Mac (beta 5), Apple Release Note

  • Apple launches COVID-19 ‘Exposure Notification Express’ with iOS 13.7. Public health authorities won't need to develop and maintain their own individual apps anymore.

Full content and details (external sources): TechCrunch


Android 11

  • Android launched the final beta of Android 11 on August 6. 
    Most of the changes here are fixes and optimizations. As a Google spokesperson noted, “this beta is focused on helping developers put the finishing touches on their apps as they prepare for Android 11, including the official API 30 SDK and build tools for Android Studio.”

    There's only one exception: updates to the Exposure Notification System contact-tracing API, which users can now use without turning on device location settings. 

Full content and details (external sources): TechCrunch

Emui 10.1

  •  Huawei continues to push EMUI 10.1 to all eligible devices in Latin America; all but the Mate Xs in Africa and the Middle East. It has reached most handsets in Central Asia and Russia.

    Huawei claims that it has delivered the update to all devices save for the P30, P30 Pro and Mate 20 Pro. Again, EMUI 10.1 is being issued in batches for these three devices.

Full content and details (external sources): NotebookCheck

Emui 11

  • New updates about HarmonyOS and EMUI 11 will be given during the HDC2020 (Huawei Developer Conference, September 10-12).
  • Sources claim that the final version of EMUI 11 will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. The first smartphone that will run EMUI 11 out of the box will be the Huawei Mate 40. 

Full content and details (external sources): Developer.Huawei,

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