News on Mobile OS Releases, August 2021

What's new on Mobile OS releases: Android, iOS, Harmony, EMUI. Updated to August 2021

Android 12 


Android 12 Beta 4 and Platform Stability

Android 12 Beta 4 will likely be among the last before we see the full release, which will probably be within the next six weeks. The UI is so much different, while new features could make Android 12 one of the biggest in years. It’s time to start preparing your compatible app updates in time for the official release later in the year. 

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Android’s latest accessibility feature lets you control your phone w/ facial expressions

Android has a lot of neat accessibility features for those with special needs, including the ability to use natural language to control your phone. Now, Android phones are getting the ability to control your phone using only facial expressions in Android. 

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Android 12 Beta 4: Notifications are now more compact in landscape orientation

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Apple iOS 

Apple releases new developer tool to test iOS 15 feature that prioritizes 5G over Wi-Fi

With the iOS 15 announcement at WWDC 2021 in June, Apple revealed that the next version of its operating system comes with a new feature to prioritize the 5G connection over Wi-Fi on compatible devices. Now the company has released a new tool for developers to allow them to test this new feature with their apps.

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More on iOS


iOS 15 lets you turn off iPhone camera’s Night Mode feature (and keep it off)

Now you make the decision instead of the iPhone.

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iOS 15 lets you set new iCloud recovery options

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iOS 15 beta 6 redesigns Safari yet again with new address bar on topp

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HarmonyOS 2.0 

HarmonyOS August 2021 security patch details for smartphones

Huawei has published the August 2021 HarmonyOS security details for phones and tablet devices. According to the information, Huawei has fixed a number of new security flaws with the latest HarmonyOS device security patches. HarmonyOS August 2021 security patches fix 4 medium levels of CVE in the framework. 27 medium levels of CVEs were found and fixed in the HarmonyOS 2.0 kernel. A total of 5 medium to low-level CVEs are fixed in the system.

Full content and details (external sources): HuaweiCentral


Huawei HarmonyOS app development website gets new interface help, FAQ support, and more

Huawei HarmonyOS application development website has recently been updated with some new changes to provide users with convenient information, easy and fast support, and quick access to the content. The website now provides an on-demand interface information help, a summary of common problems, intelligent customer service, and multiple access to the sample codes.

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A new HarmonyOS theme is coming, will add new style

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Huawei launched EMUI 12

Some of the new features and changes that EMUI 12 brings are: New UI design, Motion effect, Control Panel, Device Plus and more.

Full content and details (external sources): HuaweiUpdate, HuaweiCentral


Huawei released August 2021 security patch details: These 7 issues on EMUI 11 and 10 other versions got fixed

In the August 2021 security patch, Huawei has fixes some issues found on the EMUI 11.0.0, EMUI 10.1.1, EMUI 10.1.0, EMUI 10.0.0, EMUI 9.1.1, EMUI 9.1.0, Magic UI 4.0.0, Magic UI 3.1.1, Magic UI 3.1.0, Magic UI 3.0.0, and Magic UI 2.1.1.

Full content and details (external sources): HuaweiUpdate


EMUI 11 and HarmonyOS 2: Changes in Always on Display (AOD)

The AOD feature of EMUI 11 equips various new Always-on Display themes, not only that but these themes come with various new customizations.

Full content and details (external sources): HuaweiCentral

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