News on Mobile OS Releases, December 2020

Latest updates in mobile os releases: iOS 14.3, Emui11, Android11


Android has been working on making OS updates easier and faster to deploy. For this reason, changes have been made to help their partners launch their devices on Android 11 or offer Android 11 OTAs on their devices earlier.

  • backwards-compatibility guarantee: with each Android release, Project Treble publishes Generic System Images (GSIs), guaranteed to be backwards-compatible with the previous 3 versions of vendor implementations, in addition of course to the current release.
  • new vendor-impacting requirements for Android devices are never retroactive. This principle is extend to the SoCs as well as to devices.
  • Android is reusing the same OS framework software across multiple Qualcomm chipsets. This dramatically lowers the number of OS framework and vendor implementation combinations that Qualcomm has to support across their mobile platforms and results in lowered engineering, development, and deployment costs. 

News smartphones receiving Android 11:

  • Galaxy S20 FE: update to One UI 3.0, Samsung interface based on Android 11
  • Galaxy S2, update to LineageOS
  • OnePlus 7/7T: update to Android 11 has been put off
  • LG: beta testing has started in South Korea

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Apple iOS

New iOS updates for COVID-19 tracking 
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Apple used OLED panels for its entire iPhone 12 line-up, which is expected to ship around 100 million units this year. Cupertino is expected to use OLED panels for all models in its iPhone 13 series as well.
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iOS 14.3 is now available for all iOS 13-compatible devices. It is packed full of features, fixes and security patches. Apple has not managed to fix an increasingly common list of problems - most significantly the messaging bug.§
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iOS 14 Now Running on 81 Percent of iPhone Models Released in Last Four Years, Apple Says.
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Latest devices that received the update:

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