News on Mobile OS Releases, September 2020

September 2020: The Latest News on Software Release

iOS 14 

The first version of iOS 14 was released on September 16, 2020 and updated after just 8 days.

iOS14 introduced App Clips that allow the users to start using the app without downloading the whole app. App Clips downloads just the bit of the app you need and since you log in through Apple, all those things like payment details are sorted, too.

New Accessibility features include Back Tap which lets you configure shortcuts when you tap on the back of the iPhone in a particular way.

The updates:

  • will let you choose your own default browser and mail settings 
  • fixed the issue that prevented camera previews from displaying on, specifically, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
  • fixed the issues with connecting to wi-fi networks
  • improved the Messages app, Maps, Translate (designed to make it easy to translate conversations in real time across 11 modes), the Weather app.

There are reports of  severe graphical glitches in widgets , search bugsWiFiBluetooth and Apple Watch connectivity problems, as well as stability concerns and lagging performance, especially with keyboard input. 

Full content and details (external sources):  Forbes, Forbes (bugs), TechCrunch  


Android 11

Google launched the Android 11 stable release on September 8, 2020. Most of the big Android 11 features revolve around three concepts:

  • People: notifications from real people float to the top. Another feature is Bubbles, that works exactly like Facebook Messenger’s “chat heads”.
  • Controls: the hallmark Control feature is the complete overhaul of the power menu. It not only houses the screenshot, reboot, and shutdown options, but also a shortcut for Google Pay and smart home tech. 
  • Privacy: Google introduced a permission on a single-use basis. It also automatically revokes permissions for apps you don’t use very often and will notify you when it does so. It also restricts apps from using sensitive permissions while in the background.

Read about all the updates in the link below. 

Full content and details (external sources): Android Authority


Emui 11

Huawei launched Emui 11 on September 10 at Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (HDC 2020). 

What's new:

  • transitions and UI interactions have been optimized for human factors to improve the user experience and attain the highest degree of user comfort and enjoyment.
  • Multi-Screen Collaboration now supports up to three active windows. It also enables better synergy between PCs and tablets.
  • The EMUI system level obtained the highest level of CC EAL5 +, which is the highest commercial OS microkernel security level in the world.

Full content and details (external sources):Huawei Central 


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