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From the dream of flying to the discovery of a tester community

Rino is a 31-year-old from Catania who has been a fan of aircraft since he was a child and grew up wanting to become a pilot. But Covid got in the way.

È questa la storia di Rino Massimo Calleri, 31enne di Catania fin da piccolo appassionato di aerei e cresciuto con la voglia di diventare pilota. Ma il Covid si è messo di mezzo e ha stravolto i suoi piani.

This is how Massimo got to know UNGUESS (formerly AppQuality), a technology platform that, thanks to its global community, helps companies test and improve their products and services.

Today Massimo is QA Functional Service Owner at UNGUESS, and he has discovered that new passions and new perspectives can be found even in difficult times, when you meet such interesting realities.


Milan, May 2022 - What would you do if, after years of study and one step away from reaching your goal, you needed to look for (and try to find) a new path? Rino Massimo Calleri, a 31-year-old from Catania who has dreamed of becoming an airline pilot since he was a child, had to answer this question. Because of Covid, his dream had to be (temporarily) put away.

After six years of intensive study and practice, Massimo finally obtained his airline pilot's licence in 2020. It seems like a dream to him, but unfortunately Covid gets in the way: it is impossible to travel and the flights are grounded, so he is forced to change course. And that's how he started to work at full capacity with what is now known as UNGUESS (, a technology platform that brings  the collective wisdom of end-users and customers into the decision-making processes of companies, giving them the information they need whenever they need it.

In fact, Massimo, while studying to become a pilot, was already working with UNGUESS as a tester of digital products. He was part of what is now called TRYBER (, the engine of the platform and holder of the collective wisdom. Thanks to this global community of highly engaged people managed by UNGUESS, any company can have its products and services tested and thus improved, with qualitative and quantitative research delivered quickly and flexibly.

Starting to collaborate with UNGUESS, Massimo discovered a new passion of his, that of being at the forefront of guaranteeing the quality of those digital products (websites, apps, ecommerce, etc.) that we all use every day. And from a passion that allowed him to support his income, it became his real job.

"In 2020, with the pandemic and the flights stopped, I started to participate more often in the activities proposed by UNGUESS, and so it became a real job. I decided to open a VAT number and fully embrace this new profession. In these five years I have tested everything from video games to banking software to washing machines. Although the projects I was most passionate about were those on IOT devices. But this was only the beginning.

Initially I worked as a freelancer, but I liked it so much that in 2021 I joined the Community team," Massimo explains. "Today I manage all the flows and methods we offer to customers as a service owner for functional testing, for example those tests where the customer wants to find bugs within their products (malfunctions, graphics, etc.). And although this job was somewhat unexpected, I couldn't be happier about it.

In UNGUESS I work remotely, and so I didn't have to give up staying in my beloved Catania. "

The UNGUESS community

Today, the crowd (the UNGUESS tester community) counts tens of thousands of people from all over the world. All you have to do is register on

And it's not certain that, discovering what the community does and how it works, you won't fall in love with it and decide to embrace the job of tester as a real passion, a bit like Massimo did.

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