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How to use Customer journey map to improve your customer experience

A customer journey map shows the current process, states how users are presently reaching their goals, and identifies the loopholes or challenges in this process.

Thoroughly understanding your customers is highly important to excel in this competitive environment. And undoubtedly, this is a challenging task. Smart advanced organizations quickly acknowledge the importance of users' sentiment and take necessary steps to grab the opportunity. Companies use surveys, reviews, and conversion analysis to make strategic decisions to know their clients thoroughly .

Using customer journey maps, the analytical representation of the customers’ behaviors and experiences, organizations try to uncover where users spend the most time interacting with their brand.

Customer journey mapping is the most practical way to comprehend users' evolving behaviors and needs. It largely identifies the areas which work well and where improvement is required and ultimately helps to boost the customer experience.


Why a customer journey map is important

As the words reflect, a customer journey map is a map of a customer's entire journey while navigating through, for example, a website during the purchasing process. It is a visual representation of the entire user experience. It represents a clear picture of the user’s requirements and bottlenecks of a prospect which prompts or restricts their actions. This graphical view is the building block for organizations to act and improve customer experience leading to increased conversion rate and client retention.

A customer journey map shows the current process, states how users are presently reaching their goals, and identifies the loopholes or challenges in this process.

According to one report, 80% of users consider customer experience as important as the brand’s products or services. Therefore, to offer extraordinary UX, organizations need to address the bottlenecks that can only be properly identified by mapping the user’s ride.


Customer journey mapping: what is it missing

It is said that anything measurable can be improved. And it is applicable in the case of UX as well. The customer’s journey is the tool to measure or capture the bottlenecks. But along with this, it is important to observe the competitors. Organizations need to analyze in which respects their competitors are better and what steps they take to improve their user experiences.

To get competitive advantages, companies need to identify the best practices  and implement those strategically. The most important aspect is to amalgamate customer journey maps and benchmarks. Unfortunately, most marketers address these two vital points separately, especially in the eCommerce industry.

Benchmarking is the identification and implementation process of the best performance of the competitors in reference sectors. It refers to the significant replicable actions that can be perfected in one’s company.


Customer journey benchmarking: the UNGUESS method

When we talk about benchmarking, there is a wide range of activities based on different activities.

  • Competitive Benchmarking refers to analyzing the best practices of the competitors

  • Functional or Process Benchmarking focuses on specific areas like production, marketing, sales, human resources, etc.) and captures their best actions to improve the area

  • Best Practice Benchmarking captures the activities of the market leaders

  • Internal Benchmarking is the process of evaluating the activities of that specific organization and does not compare with any other company


UNGUESS is one of the leading organizations that works on user experience analysis and software quality testing. It believes that the company’s decision should be based on data, certified skills, shared knowledge, and tested methods, not on bets or guesswork. UNGUESS’ one of its kind human-centric testing methodology uses three fundamental assets:

  • Crowd
  • Digital platform
  • Methodological Know-how

The company uses advanced tools which includes a new instrument in the market called Customer Journey Benchmark Research, to improve the customer experience. With a solid vetted community of experts, UNGUESS provides real users’ feedback. Their community is built on some specific characteristics.

  • They have a similar buyer persona of the brand
  • They are the existing clients of the competitors, and therefore, they know the rivals and have experience on their journey
  • They are the prospects interested in the brand and want to learn more

This global community tests the entire customer journey and shares their real experience, which is unique and is the benchmark of the industry. This best-in-class process to map the customer journey can help you to achieve an  exceptional user experience for your company.

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