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Third-party Test Factories: the buddybank Case

Test Factory and the UNGUESS's Community: a new ally for your software tests.

Software testing is an essential part of any software development project because it helps ensure that your software is fit for purpose, functioning as intended, and well-liked by users. However, testing can be expensive and complex to manage. It's estimated that software testing can cost over 50% of the development budget! Many companies choose to outsource their software testing to specialised and highly skilled testers to save time and resources. 

The Test Factory Model

The test factory model is a systematic testing process that aims to deliver high customer value. Successful test factory models utilise various elements like highly skilled testers, organisational models, agile methodology, and more. Essentially, it's a way to take complete control of the testing process from day one by integrating testing with development and paying close attention to the technical difficulties, required resources, and tools needed. Here are some of the tasks that come under a test factory model:

  • Verifying test infrastructure.
  • Analysing the needs of software testers and other professionals.
  • Defining test cases.
  • Preparing test data on a test by test basis.
  • Testing the data and software.
  • Generating a final testing report

Since a test factory model uses a tightly defined process, it's easy to replicate for subsequent software development projects.

Time & Material

Time & Material contracts involves hiring a dedicated software tester. For example, an organisation might want to rent a tester to define test cases, write the test book, prepare the test data, or run the tests. One of the key benefits of hiring an outside tester is ultimate flexibility. For example, let's say you want to design the tests in-house because your development team has a deep understanding of the software requirements. Maybe your software is bespoke and somewhat unusual, and you think an in-house developer has a better grip on its scope, functionality, and specifications. However, you decide that an outside party should execute the tests because this approach offers a higher degree of impartiality. In this scenario, T&M is the ideal solution - you can hire a tester to execute the tests and produce a final report.  

Time and Material also helps solve the needs of test factories. Whether your organisation utilises an in-house test factory model or hires a dedicated Test Factory (a specialised third party company), you can supplement your testing requirements with hired testers. Third-party Test Factories typically work with many companies and need time to explore your software fully - this costs time and resources. By contrast, when you hire a dedicated tester, they put their full time and attention into getting to grips with your software testing requirements. Time & Material contracts can either supplement your current software testing process or be your comprehensive end-to-end solution.

UNGUESS* for buddybank

At UNGUESS we have a large community of testers with a wide range of skills and experience in software testing.

Among the companies that have tested our community for their own internal testing there is buddybank, the bank for smartphones by Unicredit which already was an UNGUESS customer for Crowdtesting services.

BuddyBank has relied on the Time&Material service looking for reliability and competence in its supplier.

Emiliana Di Lorenzo, Test Manager at buddybank, tells us how it went.

Why did you turn to UNGUESS to find testers? What are the advantages compared to using internal resources or other solutions?

"UNGUESS has joined and won the tender we set to find a tester to dedicate to our digital services. The reliability and competence demonstrated during our collaborations, led us to entrust them with the activity. Our initial goal was to have more resources at our disposal to test the app".

What are the fundamental characteristics you were looking for in the testers to be able to
start the collaboration?

"For buddybank's digital services, we needed testers who were experienced, flexible and curious. We expected a quality team and so far I can confirm that the work
performed is in line with our expectations."

Can you describe UNGUESS to us in one word?

No matter the industry or niche or whether you need a full-time or part-time tester, we can help pair you with the right tester for your project. Need your tester quickly? We can match you with experienced resources in a flash.


*Originally, the interview mentioned AppQuality instead of UNGUESS. We have replaced AppQuality with UNGUESS in the whole article.
Why? On January 24th, 2022, AppQuality became UNGUESS. Click here to know more about the rebranding.

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