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UNGUESS on Swiss banks: the best websites to open an account

UNGUESS has involved its global community in the evaluation of the websites of six Swiss banks: Migros, UBS, Credit Suisse, neon, PostFinance, Raiffeisen

Objective: to evaluate, by means of a first click test, a number of parameters relating to the quality of interaction, interface and visual impact, aimed at understanding the state of the Swiss banking sector.


Milan, May 2022 - "How effective are the websites of Swiss banks at first glance? Can users easily open a bank account? Which homepages were considered the best to open an account online?". These are some of the questions that UNGUESS, a technology platform that - thanks to its global community - helps companies test and improve their products and services, wanted to answer. In response, the scale up together with partner Ergoproject involved 52 users of its community, in order to investigate which websites are the best performing of six major Swiss banks: Migros Bank, UBS, Credit Suisse, neon Bank, PostFinance and Raiffeisen Bank.

After analysing the websites of Italian and Spanish banks in the process of opening a
current account, this time UNGUESS studied those of six Swiss banks. The people from
the community1 who participated in the test were asked by UNGUESS to perform the
same task, i.e. to try to start the application process to open a bank account ("Where would you click to open a bank account?") on each of the six homepages and then
answer a quantitative and qualitative questionnaire on their experience2.

But why is testing the first click so important? According to one study3, if the first click is correct (i.e. actually leads to the intended action), users have an 87% chance of completing the action correctly, compared to 46% if the first click is wrong. In short: there is never a second chance to make a good first impression.

Study results: Migros Bank, Neon Bank and Credit Suisse are the best-performing banks

The Migros Bank, neon Bank, Credit Suisse homepages showed better performance metrics (success rate and task completion time) than the others. Visitors are more likely to click on the right place immediately on these three sites, and also to do so in less time. The 52 users involved stated that it was easier to perform the function on the Migros Bank, Neon Bank and Credit Suisse bank sites and that they were sure that they had clicked on the correct place. In addition, the users who rated the three banks positively seem to have done so immediately, demonstrating how these sites are very predictive at first glance.

Lastly, even the homepages of these three banks were found to be more attractive
than the others.

"The Migros Bank, Neon Bank, Credit Suisse homepages performed better than the
others and were also rated as more user-friendly, more attractive and better at
guiding people to open a bank account" - confirms Laura Villa, Marketing Manager
at UNGUESS and leader of the research project. "We also noticed that the
homepages that received better ratings shared common features. These include:
their use of clear, predictable labels, minimalist graphic style, reduced amount of text, key elements and call-to-actions are located at the top or in easy-to-find places (no need to scroll down)".

To view the full study and the webinar presenting the results, click here.


 1 Italian users who browsed the Italian version of the sites were selected for this test.

 2 Through UNGUESS' own platform, people from the community participated in the test remotely and without any supervision.



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